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Businesses & Organizations Can Become Sponsors

Members, businesses and organizations support the Woman’s Club Of Red Bank in a variety of ways. The Woman’s Club of Red Bank has aligned itself with a variety of local businesses and organization to provide services to the community as well as to raise capital for the repair and maintenance of the historic club house. For more information on becoming a sponsor contact us.

Davison, Eastman, Muñoz, Lederman & Paone


The law firm of Davison, Eastman, & Muñoz, Lederman & Paone, P.A. has provided financial sponsorship of many events at the Woman’s Club of Red Bank.

Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation (JSJBF)

Community Partner and Co-Host of Reckless Steamy Nights and Youth Jazz

The Woman’s Club partners with the JSJBF on our Reckless Steamy Nights jazz & blues concert series the last Friday of most months. Both organizations donate all proceeds to their literacy projects. We also want to thank JSJBF for being the first to support our Adopt-A-Room program. The foundation also hosts events at the club house.
… read more on www.jsjbf.org

Reckless Steamy NightsReckless Steamy Nights

Live jazz & blues concert series in Red Bank NJ. The venue is the Woman’s Club and the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues are the music sponsors.
… read more about Reckless Steamy Nights

Wesleyan Senior Café

Wesleyan Senior Cafe Meetup Red Bank NJUnited Methodist Communities at The Wesleyan

Community Partner

On Wednesdays the Wesleyan Café hosts coffee, lunch, yoga, movies, and other walk-in-events at the Woman’s Club. More information on their MeetUp page.

WAGE International

Literacy Partner

WAGE International (Women And Girls’ Education) is a vibrant community of volunteers who share a passion for empowering women and girls through education. WAGE is very excited to work along with the Woman’s Club of Red Bank supporting literacy through community outreach.
… more info on www.wageintl.org.

Red Bank Networking Group

Networking Partner

Thursday morning weekly business referral networking group meets with Red Bank area businesses. For more information go to RedBankNetworkingGroup.com. All are welcome to stop by every other Thursdays at 7:15am at the Woman’s Club of Red Bank – meet the group and have some coffee. Meeting dates scheduled on MeetUp.

Audrey Vasey in the mirror

Audrey Vasey

Photos by Audrey Vassey

Audrey’s photography is showcased within our Photo Gallery, many of her photographs showcase the beauty and detail of the architectural features within the club house, the Anthony Reckless Estate. To see more of Audrey’s work go to www.AudreyVasey.com

Is your business or organization committed to
the Red Bank community, Woman’s Issues or Literacy?
We welcome you to become a sponsor!