Virtual Open House

virtual open house

We were asked by a number of members to host a virtual meeting so this past Thursday we hosted our first Zoom meeting at the Woman’s Club!

The meeting was lots of fun. In addition to learning about the early suffragette women, the first clubhouse members, we also discussed all the committees and how people can get involved. We plan to have another Zoom networking meeting later in the month. And hopefully, we won’t need to continue social distancing in May – but if we do, we’ll try to continue to connect online.

Virtual Open House Meeting

Thurs, April 16, from 7pm-8:30pm


  • Brief History, Overview, Updates & Improvements, Christina Hardman O’Neal, President
  • Introductions, 30 seconds each, Jill Merriman, Board Member, Membership Committee Chairperson
  • How to sign up for membership
  • Committee Information
  • New Ideas / New Business
If you’re not a member yet and are interested in being part of our club, please JOIN!

We hope to see you next time!