A Steamy… Reckless Steamy Nights Performance

Vin Mott Band and friends performed at the Reckless Steamy Nights July concert

The Vin Mott Band played at the July Reckless Steamy Nights concert.

The President of the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation, Tom Baldino reported that

“Reckless Steamy Nights certainly lived up to its name! On the last Friday of July, and the hottest night of the summer, Vin Mott and his band, which included our good friend Bob Lanza on guitar (Vin was Bob’s drummer before he left New Jersey five years ago), Steve Kirsty on bass, and Matt Niedbalski on drums. We found out the day before that the Woman’s Club had brought in some portable air conditioning units, but the band tripped the circuit at the end of the first tune, the instrumental “Walter’s Boogie,” so we had to shut off one of the units to keep the electric on! It only took one song, which Vin finished acoustically on harp, to tell we were going to be in for a special night of blues.” Read the full review on jsjbf.org

Reckless Steamy Nights: Were you aware that the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation hosts a jazz or a blues performance on the last Friday of most months? They are one of our community partners, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization open to anyone interested in supporting jazz and blues. And they have been sharing live music with the community at our clubhouse for many years. All are welcome to attend these concerts.

Air Conditioners: Many thanks to the family of Mary Gilligan, who donated two standing air conditioners. We are in the process of addressing the electricity in our clubhouse.