A Vacation Club @ The Woman’s Club?

vacation club

Last night we had a Zoom networking meeting and when our speaker was not available, the meeting quickly turned into a social!

Jill Merriman, the Membership Retention Chair and Networking Meeting organizer posed the question …

“What would you do if money and time constraints weren’t an issue?”

The conversation strayed from business to vacations! Some of the vacation dreams and plans were:

  • Renting a chateau for a couple of months in the south of France to make wine and take cooking classes
  • Travel to Italy 3-4 months out of the year
  • Staying in Paris and eating croissants every day, drinking wine, and doing other very Parisian things
  • Renting TINY HOUSE (at a tiny house resort!)
  • Taking an RV across the country
  • and spending 6 weeks in Thailand to learn Thai massage, take Thai cooking classes, go up into the mountains, and stay on a beach hut for 2 weeks to practice cooking, massage, and talking about the mountain adventure!

It was such a fun evening we are even thinking of creating a Vacation Club with a Vacation Committee. And posting some of our COVID-19 staycations or local vacations and out future travel dreams!

Ready to go to Paris together? 2021?