Historic Preservation of The Reckless Estate

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank Club House, The Reckless Estate

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank purchased the house in 1921. Since then it has served as a headquarters for the civic-minded organization. In 1982 the Reckless Estate was listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. Preserving this charming building is a key capital goal of the organization. Read more about the history of our clubhouse, The Reckless Estate.

Bringing New Life to an Old House

Historic House Preservation Projects of The Reckless Estate

Restoration Work Completed

  • Exterior Restoration completed in 2012
  • New Roof – Replaced in 2000
  • Stabilizing the foundation and first floor – Finished in 2004
  • Paint exterior with historic colors – Front Facade Finished in 2006
  • Water Line Replacement – Replaced the summer of 2007
  • Plumbing – Partially Replaced summer of 2007
  • Refinish the wood floors on the first floor and part of 2nd floor 2022
  • Refinish the office 2022.
  • Living Room painted 2022.
  • 2nd/3rd Floor Inspection for potential electrical work 2022
  • Electrical Wiring – Second Floor 2023
  • Restoration of back porch (grant) 2023

Wish List:

  • Electrical Wiring of the Third Floor
  • Interior restoration of all second and third floors
  • Installation of an ADA ramp to enhance the building’s accessibility
  • Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Landscaping
  • Installation of an exterior elevator to provide ADA access to second and third floors

More information about the history of our clubhouse.

Want to be involved in the historic preservation of our lovely clubhouse, the Reckless Estate? Become a member and participate with the Historic Preservation Committee.