Angela Harris

Angie Harris Mindfulness Author and Instructor in NJ
vision boards with a mindfulness approach

A past member returns to the Woman’s Club with a new profession … mindfulness!

Angela Harris joined The Woman’s Club of Red Bank many years ago but children and family obligations took first priority. Now she’s back! And she’s a published author of a children’s book and a certified instructor of mindfulness practices for children and adults.

Angela will be participating at the first Woman’s Club meeting of 2017 on Wed February 22nd, she will be assisting with the vision boards – an excellent exercise in setting awesome intentions for OUR future! Mindfulness helps us get very clear with our intentions, so Angela will be approaching the vision board component with that frame. She will also speak about maintaining self awareness in the midst of current global crisis, through some simple mindfulness practices.

Angie Harris author of Mad to GladAuthor & Mindfulness Instructor

Angela, aka Angie Harris, is the writer of the children’s book “Mad to Glad”. “Mad to Glad” offers mindfulness lessons to help young children between the ages of 3 to 7 cope with changing emotions. You can purchase “Mad to Glad” on Amazon.

The Integrated Mind is Angela’s website where she promotes her book and her mindfulness instruction services to families, schools and businesses throughout New Jersey.

As the name of her company states, Angela also works with essential oils – Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can be quite effective in mindfulness practices as well as in other aspects of your home and business.

In her spare time, Angela also supports Stephy’s Place, a support center for grief and loss that was named in honor of her sister Stephanie Hardman Kaminoff. (And yes, Angela is also sisters with our esteemed president of the Woman’s Club, Christina Hardman O’Neal). Angela provides mindfulness classes at Stephy’s Place. You can find out more about this organization at or stop by, it is located on 210 West Front Street, Suite 209 in Red Bank.