Artist Laura B. Ginsberg

Laura B Ginsberg art opening

Showcasing the art of Laura B. Ginsberg

Laura’s art is on display at the Woman’s Club! You can see it if you attend one of our upcoming events (ex: The Mark LaRochelle Youth Open Mic Nights, our Member Meet & Greet, Reckless Steamy Nights, etc. – check our calendar for more event information)

Art Opening


Laura B. Ginsberg’s artistic background started in Alabama where she worked with ceramics as a child helping out with her family’s porcelain doll business. People often discuss the bounce of the light they see in her work, which is displayed in homes and offices around Monmouth County. Her goal as an artist is to promote a peaceful connection between a viewer and a piece.

She is a kindness fanatic, small business owner, creative educator, cancer survivor, and a book editor who lives in Asbury Park with her husband.

Instagram @LauraBGinsberg

Thank you to Peggy Masse, our Arts Committee Chair, for organizing this display!