BNI A-Team Givers Gain

BNI A Team Givers Gain

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank extends our heartfelt gratitude to the BNI A-Team‘s generous and unwavering support through their “Givers Gain” giving program. Their commitment to making a difference in our community is truly commendable, and we are immensely grateful for their recent donation, which will significantly contribute to our ongoing initiatives and projects.

The A-Team’s dedication to the betterment of our community is inspiring and their contributions will enable us to continue our mission of empowering and uplifting women in Red Bank through various initiatives. With this support, we can expand our reach and make a meaningful impact in the lives of women and families within our local area. Their generosity has not only touched the lives of those directly involved with our organization but has also created a ripple effect of positivity and empowerment throughout our community.

Thank you once again for your invaluable contribution to the Woman’s Club of Red Bank. We remain committed to upholding our shared mission of fostering growth, empowerment, and community development, and we are honored to have The A-Team as a dedicated partner in our journey.

With sincere appreciation and warm regards,

The members of The Woman’s Club of Red Bank

NOTE: Two of our members of the Woman’s Club, Lorraine Lang and Jennie Sherman are also Visitor Hosts for the local BNI chapter, The A-Team. A special thanks to them for thinking of us.

Click here to meet the members of The A-Team BNI chapter.