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Woman's Club Book Club

Literacy has been a major part of the Woman’s Club of Red Bank since 1896. The club was first formed as a literary society.

When community services became important, the members of our Woman’s Club began to teach women in the community how to read.

Today “literacy” has a broader meaning. It is still part of our mission statement, but it also includes scholarship programs, supporting local authors, and our now our Book Club.

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank Book Club!

Spring 2020 launched this book club. Since one of the main principals the Women’s Club was founded on was Literacy, we wanted to continue that great tradition with Modern Literacy in the form of a Book Club.


Here are our picks for summer and the dates that we will hold Book Club by Zoom…or maybe in person at the club if possible.

  1. Big Summer, Jennifer Weiner – Book Club Meeting 6/29, virtual meeting!
  2. Chamino Winds, John Grisham – The virtual book club meeting will be 8/31 @ 7:30pm
  3. Oona Out of Order, Margarita Montimore – MEET THE AUTHOR! Our meeting is scheduled for 11/16 @ 7pm and we are fortunate to have the author, Margarita attend our Zoom book club meeting.
  4. Educated, Tara Westover – meeting will be postponed until January 2021

Each month we will announce a book club meeting. Happy Reading!! #WCRB #literacy #bookclub #community #redbank

Host Your Book Club in our Clubhouse

We welcome local book clubs to join the Woman’s Club of Red Bank as community partners and host your book club in our beautiful historic clubhouse, The Reckless Estate. Find out how to join the Woman’s Club.

Recognizing Member Authors

We invite members who have written books to share their titles with us. We can list your book here, you can add it to your Directory listing, and/or we can spotlight you on our blog, social media, and e-newsletter!

Our Literacy Chair position is OPEN! More literacy opportunities for writers for our website, blog, and social media. Check out our committees.