Bubbles, Blooms & Bingo

tulips blooming

Spring Event

The April 19th event was a great evening to get together and celebrate spring! The event lived up to it’s name, Bubbles, Blooms, and Bingo.


Thanks to a Rosemary Silletti a Cause Entrepreneur with One Hope for sharing a tasting. We were able to taste some lovely wine and bubblie. If you want to order some wine online and have a portion of your purchase cost go to the Woman’s Club or another cause – click here for Rosemary’s page https://www.OneHopeWine.com/myshop/Rosemary-Silletti, then make sure you click “Fund-raise with me” to select the Woman’s Club as your Cause

One Hope


Thanks to the volunteers who planted tulip bulbs last fall, we were were able to enjoy the medley of colorful tulips in full bloom. We also had some bulbs of succulents to take home as well as some ever green (fake) plants for those of us who don’t have a green thumb.


And we played a “different kind of bingo” which afforded us a better chance to get to know eachother better and plenty of laughs (or perhaps the giggles was from the bubbles).

Photos of the Spring Event:

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the event. And for those who attended!