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promote your event in Red Bank NJ

If you are hosting a public event at the Woman’s Club, after you schedule an event consider sharing the following information with us so we can help promote your event:  

  1. Make sure we have your event on the calendar schedule page with the correct title, date, and time. Provide us with details of the event:
    • a photo or graphic to promote the event.
    • WHO: Who is the event for? Is the event private, open to the public, or just for members of the Woman’s Club?
    • HOSTED BY: Provide hosted-by information and at least one way to be contacted (your name, website, possibly phone and/or email).
    • WHAT: What is the event? Describe the event. Is it a shopping experience, an open house, a lecture, a community service, a fundraiser, ….?
    • WHEN/WHERE: We should already have the date and time.
    • HOW MUCH: Is the event free, donation, or fee-based? Please provide pricing information. If it is a fundraising event, provide a statement of where the proceeds will go. ex: “proceeds go to the Woman’s Club of Red Bank”.
    • RSVP: Are reservations required? Is it an open house? Are Walk-ins welcome? Are you using a third party such as or sign (please provide appropriate links)
  2. Ask us to post your event on our BLOG (before or after the event). We might need a little more information and photos to make a blog post.
  3. Ask us to promote it in our monthly NEWSLETTER.
  4. SOCIAL: Have your business and/or personal social media accounts follow the Woman’s Club accounts so you can comment and share. Ask us to promote your event on our social media channels (facebook and instagram).
  5. FLYERS: Flyers in the form of an IMAGE (jpg, png, and tiff) are great to share on the calendar, blog, newsletter, and social media. A PDF can be easily shared by forwarding emails. Send us a PDF and we’ll add it to any of the above promotions (calendar, blog, newsletter, social media).

But please don’t just rely on the Woman’s Club to promote your event. Cross-promote your event on YOUR social media, YOUR website, with printed flyers, or send out personal invitations via email.