Senior Space

Senior Space Red Bank NJ

Senior Café at The Woman’s Club of Red Bank

Wednesdays from 9 AM – 2 PM

Senior Space Activities

ALL seniors are invited to stop in for coffee, lunch, yoga, movies, and other walk-in events at the Woman’s Club. Please check the Calendar.

Senior Space has become a vibrant resource center and a meeting place for older adults in Red Bank, New Jersey. ALL seniors are welcome! There is minimal structure, it is very casual, and people are invited to pop-in any Wednesday. Seniors may do as much or as little as they prefer – seniors are invited to learn, socialize, find wellness information, engage in programs, and have meaningful interactions.

Sponsored by United Methodist Communities, The Wesleyan.

The United Methodist Communities at The Wesleyan is a senior housing community. They approached The Woman’s Club of Red Bank to partner and open a Senior Space, a resource hub for the area’s older adults. more info on

#CareGiversToo – Family members can attend and inquire about resources and senior services, and occupy themselves while their loved ones are engaged in the activities, giving caregivers a break.

Stop in some Wednesday for the Senior Café aka Senior Space!