Wesleyan Café

Wesleyan Cafe Senior Meetup at the Womans Club of Red Bank

Senior Meetup at The Woman’s Club of Red Bank

Wednesdays from 10 AM – 2 PM

Each Wednesday the Woman’s Club of Red Bank, aka The Reckless Estate, is converted into a Senior Cafe!

Senior Space Activities

All seniors are invited to stop in for coffee, lunch, yoga, movies, and other walk-in-events at the Woman’s Club. More information about scheduled events and times on their MEETUP page (https://www.meetup.com/SeniorSpaceRedBank)

Sponsored by United Methodist Communities, The Wesleyan.

The United Methodist Communities at The Wesleyan is a senior housing community. They approached The Woman’s Club of Red Bank to partner and open a Senior Space, a resource hub for the area’s older adults.

Senior Space has become a vibrant resource center and a meeting place for older adults in Red Bank, New Jersey. ALL seniors are welcome! There is minimal structure, it is very casual, and people are invited to pop-in any Wednesday. Seniors may do as much or as little as they prefer – seniors are invited to learn, socialize, find wellness information, engage in programs, and have meaningful interactions.

#CareGiversToo – Family members can attend and inquire about resources and senior services, and occupy themselves while their loved ones are engaged in the activities, giving caregivers a break.

Stop in some Wednesday for the Wesleyan Café!