Community Service Projects Wish List

volunteer helping hands community service projectsVolunteer to Help Us on Our Wish List

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank appreciates the support of adults, teens, and children. If you are looking to volunteer your time for a good cause – tell us what you’d like to do. If you are a child looking for a community service project for school we welcome your ideas and your support in any way – drives, fundraising, helping clean up the clubhouse. Teens and college students looking for internships we would love to have your support, too!

Wish List Ideas

Committees – we’re always looking for a point person for our committees and for 1-5 members to support the committee. Let us if you’re interested in participating in a committee – more about the committees on our ABOUT page.

  • Cleaning – The house is cleaned by those using the house. But it would be nice to have some extra help for seasonal cleaning.
  • Decorating – do you have a flair for decorating? Can you help by rearranging or decorating one or more of our rooms?
  • Organizing – our upstairs rooms are in dire need of organizing. And so are many of our shelves and closets. If you have organizational skills we could sure use them!
  • Information Office Area – Currently people put business cards and flyers on dresser tops in the dining room. We’ve been thinking that it would be nice to create some kind of an information office area in the “library”. Possibly put up some bulletin boards for our community partners and members. We’re open to any ideas.
  • Gardening – anyone with a green thumb? We have a Beautification committee that could always use help in the spring, summer, or fall.
  • Drives – The Woman’s Club is a great location to run food drives, clothing drives, and winter coat drives. We’ve done a number of these over the years and they’ve been very successful.  There is always someone out there that needs something. You can either organize your own drive or assist with one of ours.
  • History Project – If you like history there are lots of opportunities – perhaps a project about the clubhouse, Senator Anthony Reckless, or about Women’s rights and literacy. We would like to better organize and document some of the many old photos in the clubhouse.
  • History, Book, Typing – The history of the Woman’s Club is fascinating – we do have a small booklet that we’d like to convert into an ebook or a print-on-demand book. We could use some help typing the book into an MSWord doc or Google Doc.
  • Literacy Project – Did you know our clubhouse was first purchased it was used to help teach women how to read? Perhaps there is a literacy project that you or a small group could do.
  • Member Interviews – we’d like someone to interview our members and help create profiles for them on our website.
  • Photography – we also are interested in getting new photos of the house, the events, member profiles, photos for the website, blog and social media. Anyone who likes photography would be a huge asset!
  • Writers – we could use your help Editing, Content Writing, Interviewing, and Blogging!

We are very flexible and appreciative of any support in our committees or independent service projects.

If you have other ideas, let us know! Contact us