CommunityFIRST Day

CommunityFIRST Day
OceanFirst CommunityFirst Day Project Partners

On Thursday, October 6th, OceanFirst Bank held its annual CommunityFIRST Day and came to the Woman’s Club of Red Bank!

CommunityFIRST Day is a company-wide initiative to help nonprofit organizations.

The OceanFirst employees, the Wave Makers, volunteer and are sent out on assignments and a crew came to our clubhouse!

Photos of the Wave Makers in action

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank owns the Reckless estate. The exterior and the ground floor are stunning examples of a suburban residence in the Italianate style. However, the second and third floors have fallen into disrepair. We applied for the CommunityFIRST Day grant to help us restore our “office”. We have plans to catalog and archive over 100 years’ worth of boxes. Removing the boxes from the room was an undertaking in and of itself. Once the room was empty we had assistance in repairing cracks in the plaster. On October 6th, the Wave Maker volunteers arrived to help us rip up the rug, rip up the linoleum under the rug, and paint the ceiling and trim! They sure did have their work cut out for them. But they quickly and efficiently hit the tasks and accomplished EVERYTHING!

Thank you to OceanFirst Bank and the Wave Makers!

OceanFirst Bank CommunityFIRST Day