Jill Merriman

Jill Merriman

Jill Merriman

Featured Member of The Woman’s Club of Red Bank

Jill is a featured member of The Woman’s Club of Red Bank!

Find out more about Jill Merriman Enterprises and her one-stop shop for entrepreneurs at The Competitive Advantage Resource Center.

Networking at The Woman’s Club of Red Bank

Networking, friends and business is what I’ve gotten out of being a member of the Red Bank Woman’s Club for the last 2 years. I’ve really enjoyed the networking events as they have always been engaging and fun. I especially love when there is a social cause attached to the events so we can network for a cause; to me, that’s so rewarding. I’ve met some sensational professional women, entrepreneurs in various vertical markets and corporate women looking to connect outside their 9 to 5 world. These women, strong, giving and smart, are from all different towns throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties, not just Red Bank. So if you’ve always thought this club is just for Red Bank women, think again. We invite all women to join us as we unite in friendship and build our businesses.

I’ve utilized The Woman’s Club for various events, workshops and speaking engagements. In 2015 I held a Basics in Financial Literacy Workshop. In 2016 I joined the Educational Seminars Committee and spearheaded and spoke at the first in a new series of educational seminars – the event was Connect the Dots and I discussed sales and how to identify your prospects personality profile to increase sales, Kate Rafferty discussed SEO & Social Media and Lori Brand followed up with accumulating wealth. In 2016 I also held a free event to “Crack Your Personality Code in 90 Seconds or Less“.

Jill Merriman workshop activity

Jill Merriman Enterprises

The Competitive Advantage Resource Center

Jill Merriman is the owner of a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, The Competitive Advantage Resource Center which can be found at www.JillMerriman.com. She helping entrepreneurs with 3 important components of their business – with a focus to increase their sales by up to 300%. The three areas are:

  1. How to Network like a Pro
  2. How to dramatically increase your income by tailor making each sales presentation to give the ultimate customer service experience
  3. How to organize your office space and finances

Licensed and Certified Trainer with BankCode

Jill Merriman ElastiGirlBecause of my strong financial background and love of education, my passion is in helping others improve their bottom line. For that reason, I have combined both of those powerful skills and have become a licensed and certified trainer with BankCode, a personality assessment training company that is the next best thing to sliced bread. With over 15 years in the marketplace and backed by a published white paper, B.A.N.K. is a reverse-engineered personality system that is proven to help you determine your customer’s buying personality in less than 90 seconds. With this information, the sky’s the limit! By tailor making each and every sales presentation to what your customer values, you are secure in knowing that you have their attention and by cracking their personality code, you have the ability to increase your sales by up to 300%. This is a game changer!

I love to train entrepreneurs how to use B.A.N.K. in their businesses so they too can grow their sales at a much faster rate. I currently offer free monthly introductory presentations in Monmouth County for those that are interested in learning more about this system and how it can increase their bottom line. However, I do offer introductory presentations at businesses who are interested in B.A.N.K. training for their staff. I travel in the tri-state area and also offer VT, Virtual Training, so really anywhere in the world where there is internet, you can get B.A.N.K. training with me.

I recently started collaborating with different business owners to enhance their services and also give B.A.N.K. the exposure it deserves. One example of this collaboration is with website designers. I am currently working with two designers by “bankifying” their customers’ websites so that triggers are woven into those websites guaranteeing a more engaging site, capturing the attention of each of the 4 personality types. Fascinating, huh?

Right now, I’m looking to grow my team of consultants so that we can change lives by teaching a personality-based methodology that helps people communicate more authentically and more effectively; whether it’s in their career or in their personal relationships. If you are interested in learning more of what this entails, I welcome you to reach out to me either by phone at (732) 708-2899 or via email at: info@jillmerriman.com. To find out what your buying personality is, click on this link: www.playbankcode.com/JillM and you will get a free emailed personality assessment report. Please check out my website: JillMerriman.com for more information and upcoming events!