Kim Ciraulo

Kim Ciraulo - KD Connections

Newest member of The Woman’s Club of Red Bank is all about making connections! Both business and social!!!

Kim CirauloKim Ciraulo is a new member of the Woman’s Club of Red Bank.

Kim joined the club after attending the educational series event, Connect The Dots. Kim’s online business KJ Connections launched in 2016 and even though it is a virtual business she is very much interested in connecting with women and other entrepreneurs at a local level. Her business aligns with the mission of the Woman’s Club — community,  social, and business.

KJ Connections

KJ ConnectionsKim Ciraulo has been a recruiter for about 20 years but found that she has a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. Her company,, is comprised of 3 individual sites, each similar to a dating site in that they are about connecting people with one another but NOT for purposes of romantic relationships:


And, the sites are free!

If you were to be asked, “What has given you the most joy in your life?” Would your answer be your money? Your job? Your material things? Probably not. Most of us would say it’s the people we’re connected to that bring us the most happiness. Some of these connections are family, some are life-long friends and some are those you’ve yet to meet. KJ Connections gives you the opportunity to meet new people who share your interests – we are all about connecting people with one another.


Sign up on one of the FREE connection sites today! and, stay tuned for our upcoming events & for coupons to local restaurants!!