Lori Brand

Lori Brand

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank shines a spotlight on one of our newest members, Lori Brand, an Insurance and Financial Advisor for women in the Monmouth County, New Jersey area.

Financial Advisor

Lori Brand
Lori Brand

Lori Brand is a new member of The Woman’s Club of Red Bank, she recently joined and jumped right into one of the education committee events as one of the speakers in the first of a series of educational presentations.

She has presented ideas and tips on how to develop your wealth BEFORE you are “wealthy”. She also discussed the relationship between business and personal wealth.

Better Wealth For Women

Lori’s passion is helping people recognize and achieve their financial goals. She specializes in the women’s market and has helped put many on the path to financial security. She also helps women entrepreneurs by connecting their financial business goals with their personal wealth goals. But what she is most passionate about is helping people that have experienced a major BLIP in their personal or professional life and feel like they are starting over again. She knows from personal experience that it is never to late to start saving and it’s often a new mindset that you need along with some support and sage financial tips.

Lori is different than other financial advisors in another way –  she is not selling any one particular financial “product” but will listen to you and help identify the financial tool that will work with you.  There are a plethora of financial tools available: 401K, IRA, Savings, Checking accounts, Insurance, & Securities.  Lori is confident that by working together you will become financially literate, will develop a financial mindset and a realistic path towards wealth building.


Lori Brand has been working in the Financial Services industry since 1987, getting her start with MetLife Insurance. She later became Regional Director for insurance and financial giant, Nationwide Retirement Solutions where she was responsible for managing and retaining pension assets for Government agencies, counties and municipalities throughout New York and New Jersey. Now she has her own business, Better Wealth for Women (formerly SafeChoice Financial Group) – Wealth Building for the Rest of Us.

Lori Brand