Olivia Fair’s Art on Display

Olivia Fair art

Artist Olivia Fair

The works exhibited here at the Woman’s Club of Red Bank are the pieces created during her latter high school years are a reflection of pain, frustration, isolation, and sadness.

Working through this trying period of her life and expressing these emotions in her pieces provided Olivia with a safe and impactful expression of her thoughts, emotions and experiences.

About Olivia Fair

Olivia Fair is a 19-year-old student attending Brookdale Community College on a full scholarship majoring in Psychology. Olivia plays violin and is a trained professional barista. She loves Dystopian novels, movies and traveling. Olivia will further her education at Georgian Court University and ultimately study in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh where she plans to attain the title of Olivia Fair, Ph.D. Her professional goal is to write Art Therapy programs for those with Autism and learning disabilities. Olivia knows firsthand that the Arts can bridge barriers in learning and can be “the voice” needed to communicate the myriad of feelings and emotions often locked inside.

On July 18th Olivia hosted an Art Showing at our clubhouse.

Here are a few of her pieces of art.