The Old and The New CHAIRS

chairs for sale

Not only does our “old house” require lots of TLC but the tables and chairs are being replaced. A number of tables have basically fallen apart and we decided that when we replace them we’d like to regain access to our sitting room off the main (living room).


We’re selling our existing chairs. (photo above) $5.00/chair.

Many people who’ve purchased have plans to paint and recover the tops! If you’re interested in buying organize a meeting via email


We’re buying new folding tables and chairs. Or accepting donations.

Thanks to donations from Peggy Masse’s May Plant Sale and Joann Farina’s yoga class donations we’ve already purchased some new tables and chairs!

If you have ideas for a fundraiser or know someone interested in purchasing chairs – let us know! via email


The next project is to retrofit fit our hall closet where we stack tables and chairs.

The ever-talented Pastor Bill has offered to do the carpentry and painting. And the highly-organized Audrey is spearheading the Organization Committee and has already mapped out some ideas.


After we free up that space, hopefully soon, the Beautification Committee can brainstorm some creative use of that space. We know for sure that we’ll want sponsors for our October Breakfast event to use that space.