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The Woman’s Club of Red Bank appreciates the support of adults, teens, and children. If you are looking to volunteer your time for a good cause – tell us what you’d like to do. If you are a child looking for a community service project for school we welcome your ideas and your support in any way – drives, fundraising, helping clean up the clubhouse. Teens and college students looking for internships we would love to have your support, too!

Committees – we’re always looking for a point person for our committees and for 1-5 members to support the committee. Let us if you’re interested in participating in a committee – more about the COMMITTEES page.

Wish List Projects in Progress

  • Selling all the restaurant chairs and replacing with folding chairs for a total of 80.
  • Reconfigure the closet to store tables/chairs. 
  • “Women in Motion” consider acquiring some rights to use/reprint artist’s work for print art in the clubhouse and/or use in MERCH. (Irina, Christina, Jill, Carol, Kate)
  • Logo (Carol)
  • Flag/Banners for outside the house. New visitors can not see the house from the street. We want an EVENT flag and perhaps a “Woman’s Club of Red Bank” flag/banner. PENDING ART LICENSE (Carol/Kate)
  • Merch – Consider designing a new graphic for T-shirts, reusable grocery bags, and other ideas. Consider creating a logo for website and merch. Identify a plan for how many to print/buy for selling and offing an online SHOP (Kate Rafferty can help with some of the digital requirements) Consider the use of artist’s “Women in Motion” for use in MERCH see Art Committee below. PENDING ART LICENSE Goal for OCT event
  • Expand and republish our BOOK for print, print-on-demand, and eBook. (Kate, Carol, +writer)
  • OCT BREAKFAST: event committee, sponsorship details, event details, PENDING ART LICENSE for graphic, ticketing, promotion on website, newsletter, and social media.
  • 2nd/3rd Floor Inspection: for potential electrical work and painting.

Wish List Ideas


  • Reconfigure the closet in the piano room to be more useful. 
  • Get rid of the piano. Or tune it. 
  • Decorating – do you have a flair for decorating? Can you help by rearranging or decorating one or more of our rooms? This could be a service project or a task with our Beautification Committee.
  • Organizing – our upstairs rooms are in dire need of organizing. And so are many of our shelves and closets. If you have organizational skills we could sure use them! This could be a service project or a task with our Beautification Committee.
  • Clean out kitchen and china cabinet. 
  • Information Office Area – Currently people put business cards and flyers on dresser tops in the dining room. We’ve been thinking that it would be nice to create some kind of an information office area in the “library”. Possibly put up some bulletin boards for our community partners and members. We’re open to any ideas. Or front entry area.
  • Gardening – anyone with a green thumb? We have a Beautification committee that could always use help in the spring, summer, or fall.  Each season we look for volunteers to help with our garden.


  • Lay slate slabs in the backyard to reduce weeds/mowing needs
  • Fix base of the back deck off of the living room. 
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace stove
  • Remove/recycle dishwasher


  • Apply for Historic House Grants – We need someone to chair this committee. And to interview the women who used to write the grant applications (Ellen Davis and Mary Gilligan). Find and apply for grants. 
  • History Service Project – If you like history there are lots of opportunities – perhaps a project about the clubhouse, Senator Anthony Reckless, or about Women’s rights and literacy. We would like to better organize and document some of the many old photos in the clubhouse.


  • Improve the request, approval, and scheduling process.
  • Create a document (pdf) to share with members when they are hosting an event at the club. What is expected for cleanup? How to get the key. Info about lights, heat, etc. 
  • Work with the Communications Committee to share some recommendations on how members should promote their event. This has been started in “Promoting Your Event at the Woman’s Club“. 


  • Identify and prioritize clubhouse and community fundraising initiatives with the Board and Committees. Many clubhouse ideas are on this Wish List. Currently, we do not have a specific community fundraising goal nor a capital campaign.
  • History, Book – The history of the Woman’s Club is fascinating – we do have a small booklet that we’d like to convert into an ebook or a print-on-demand book. We could use some help typing the book into an MSWord doc or Google Doc. It might be nice to add new information to the book possibly a summary of some of the women that we have plaques (outside and on the door). Other ideas are welcome.
    • Convert (re-type) existing book.
    • Writers for updated information
    • Cover Design
    • Formatting for print and ebook
    • Should we include new photos in book? Color vs monochrome
    • Should we order/print ___ books? $__?
    • Kate Rafferty is available to work on this, create the book on Amazon and add links to website/social
  • Each Community Partner should hold 1 fundraising event a year (or fix or replace something on our wish list). Collaborate with Community Service Committee
    • HabCore
    • JSJBF – 2022 idea to host a fundraising concert
    • Lunch Break
    • North Shore Fellowship – 2022 they painted our living room, replaced back door look, temp fix of front door, and numerous other maintenance projects.
    • Red Bank Public Library – we don’t have a contact with the library but they fit with our literacy mission. Opportunities.
    • Shore Women Business Networking – May 2022 hosted a plant sale fundraiser
    • Stephy’s Place
    • WAGE (Women & Girls’ Education International)
    • Wesleyan Senior Cafe – 2022 ideas: knit/crochet items for sale. Host a Pocketbook Bingo


  • Plan and schedule a monthly member meeting.
  • Increase quarterly board meeting to monthly board meeting (perhaps the same evening as member meeting)


  • Recruit chair and members of the Communication Committee. 
  • Photography – we also are interested in getting new photos of the house, the events, member profiles, photos for the website, blog, and social media.
  • Writers – we could use your help Editing, Content Writing, Interviewing, and Blogging!
  • Blog articles – we need content for our blog. Event reviews, perhaps interviews, 
  • Member Interviews – interview our members and help create profiles or blogs on our website.
  • Directory – Reach out to members and Community Partners to grow our directory.


Peggy Masse is the Chair of this Committee. In 2022 she initiated an artist showing at the clubhouse. 

  • Volunteers for the Arts Committee. 
  • Create an Artist of the Month or Artist Showing signage and an area for the artist information. (perhaps in one of the entryway enclaves.)
  • Interview artists for blog/social media.
  • Identify additional ways to promote the artists.


“Community service engagement” is part of our mission statement. Having our local community use this how is integral to our club.

  • We need volunteers for this committee:
    • Chair/Co-Chair
    • Committee Members
  • Recruit volunteers for specific events.
  • Get kids involved for their Service Project requirements. (ex: Christina recruited mater Dei High School kids to setup/take-down a vendor event in 2021).
  • Liaison with our Community Partners and the member who sponsors each Community Partner. Each Community Partner should host one fundraising event per year. We should discuss how they are using our house or find out if they have any ideas.
  • Hold 2 community service events/fundraising events a year. 
    • 2022 – discussions for a fall Women’s Business Lunch/Panel
  • Drives – The Woman’s Club is a great location to run food drives, clothing drives, and winter coat drives. We’ve done a number of these over the years and they’ve been very successful.  There is always someone out there that needs something. You can either organize your own drive or assist with one of ours.


Part of our mission is to “support literacy”, have raised money to support girls with various scholarship initiatives. The Literacy Committee is also actively involved in “literacy” events by running a Book Club and a monthly Financial Literacy we need to identify more initiatives with our committee, and community partners, and possibly create a fundraiser. 

  • Identify initiatives to support literacy.
  • Modern Literacy: projects to meet our literacy mission. Perhaps ESL (English as a second language). 
  • Are there things we can do with the Red Bank Library? or with WAGE (our community partner). 
  • Literacy Service Project – Did you know that when our clubhouse was first purchased it was used to help teach women how to read? Perhaps there is a literacy project that you or a small group could do.

Successfully Completed Wishes:

  • Replace 3 broken folding tables. Summer 2022
  • Fix front door lock. Summer 2022
  • Make art display easels. Thank you Candice Snyder & hubby. Summer 2022
  • Install solar light in the walkway to reduce slip and fall incidents. Completed Summer 2022.
  • Calendar – a new website calendar was implemented. June 2022. 
  • Fix front porch lights. Completed Spring 2022. 
  • Replace broken slate path with pavers. Completed Spring 2022. 
  • Living Room painted – thank you Pastor Bill and your crew Spring 2022. 
  • Financial Literacy – a monthly financial literacy program was created 2022. 
  • Cleaning – The house is cleaned by those using the house. But it would be nice to have some extra help for seasonal cleaning. As of Fall 2021 we now have a cleaner twice a month with Caroline Ribeiro. 
  • Floors refurbished in living room, library, and dining room Spring 2020

We are very flexible and appreciative of any support in our committees or independent service projects.

If you have other ideas, let us know! Contact us