AI Literacy – Introduction

ai literacy

Part of the core mission statement of the Woman’s Club of Red Bank is to promote Literacy. On March 5th at the Lucky Connections networking event at the Woman’s Club we are presenting a short introduction to AI Literacy. Following is the slideshow on the topic.

AI Literacy

Demystifying AI: A Beginner’s Guide for the Woman’s Club of Red Bank

Download the PDF or watch the SLIDESHOW


Downloadable PDF

List of ai resources:

  • ChatGPT (free, requires a login to access)
  • Gemini (free, no login required)
  • Copilot – (Microsoft) a free version is available if you download the app to your phone. Copilot has DALL.E-3 embed to create much improved images than the prior DALL.E-2 version. Paid version info on
  • GPTstore has links to many different ai products (for videos, websites, pdfs, …)
  • has a new ai “magic” feature.
  • Secta creates headshots with ai. You have to submit 20+ images without glasses and it can create 100s of headshots.
  • Claude

Hope you enjoyed this presentation.

Want to collaborate with AI Prompt Engineering on some applications for the Woman’s Club?

Contact Kate Rafferty (message her from the bottom of her directory listing!

You might want to write a blog post, update or expand some website content, use it to create an enticing BIO in our Directory. Our Literacy Committee needs a CHAIR and committee members to work with the Communications/TECH Committee. Learn more about potential modern literacy initiatives.