When life gets hectic, offload one of your chores…

laundry delivery

It’s back to school, networking/convention time, and pretty soon the holiday season. When your life get hectic consider pick-up, delivery, wash and fold with Soap’s Laundry.

At Soap’s Laundry, our #1 priority is to provide exceptional customer service to our clientele. We recognize that life is hectic and want to provide you and your family with a solution for one of the most time-consuming chores. We are proud to offer pick-up and delivery wash & fold laundry service to all of Monmouth County. We’ll pick up your laundry from your front door and deliver it the next day, washed, dried, and neatly folded in one of our heavy-duty laundry bags. Be sure to let us know your preferences for your order so our laundry experts can wash and dry your laundry exactly as you like it! 

Place your order today at SoapsLaundry.com and use promo code FIRST for 50% off of your first order.

Soap’s Laundry is a sponsor of the Women RISE & SHINE breakfast event.