Women’s Healing Circle

Sisters of the Conscious Soul

The Sisters of the Conscious Soul Hosted a Women’s Healing Circle at the Woman’s Club

October Women's Healing Circle

Two friends, business partners, and members of the Woman’s Club, Danielle Murolo and Patrice Ranieri of Sisters Of The Conscious Soul hosted a women’s healing circle.

This was the first time they held one of their Monthly Women’s Healing Circles in our clubhouse. It was held just hours after our annual breakfast event and these two women transformed our space from a bustling and motivational event into a serene, calm, healing space.

If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it. But it was not just the physical transformation of the clubhouse space but that they truly did harmonize the modalities of Reiki and sound healing to nurture our minds, bodies, and soul. Everyone experienced deep relaxation. Some felt a release of stagnant energy. And many verbally shared their experience and felt the support of everyone in the room.

After attending the breakfast in the morning I was motivated by the panel of 3 trailblazing women, they each had inspirational stories but they also freely admitted that they only spent “moments on self-care”. Danielle and Patrice said that their healing circle would help you “Discover the true essence of self-care and self-discovery in the company of like-minded women” – and they are SO VERY RIGHT!

“A monthly moment in a healing circle seems to be the attention to self-care that I need, so glad I stayed for this healing circle. I’ll be back next month!” – Kate Rafferty.

You can learn more about The Sisters of the Conscious Soul on www.SistersOfTheConsciousSoul.com