A Visit to Oak Hill Farms

Oak Hill Farms

Nestled in the heart of Holmdel, New Jersey, Oak Hill Farms is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Recently, members of the Woman’s Club of Red Bank had the pleasure of immersing themselves in the rustic beauty and diverse experiences this unique destination has to offer. Located at 177 Stillwell Rd, Holmdel, NJ 07733, Oak Hill Farms is a delightful escape that seamlessly blends nature, relaxation, and a touch of adventure.

One of the highlights of the visit was the enchanting encounter with the farm’s resident alpacas. These gentle and curious creatures captured the hearts of the Woman’s Club members as they strolled through the picturesque alpaca fields.

For those seeking a more interactive experience, Oak Hill Farms offers the opportunity to engage in goat yoga. Imagine finding your zen surrounded by adorable goats, the perfect blend of nature and tranquility. It’s a unique way to unwind and connect with the farm’s friendly inhabitants.

Bee enthusiasts were in for a treat as Oak Hill Farms boasts its own apiary. The Woman’s Club members had the chance to witness the mesmerizing world of bees and their vital role in pollination. The farm’s commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness shines through in its beekeeping practices.

After a day filled with nature-inspired activities, the members enjoyed a moment of relaxation at the farm’s cozy coffee corner. Sipping on freshly brewed coffee, they savored the warmth of good company and the charming surroundings.

Oak Hill Farms isn’t just about animals and relaxation; it’s also a shopper’s paradise. From handmade crafts to farm-fresh produce, the on-site market offers a delightful array of goods. The Woman’s Club members indulged in some retail therapy, taking home unique souvenirs to commemorate their visit.

In conclusion, Oak Hill Farms proved to be a haven of diverse experiences for the members of the Woman’s Club of Red Bank. From alpacas to bees, goat yoga to coffee, and a myriad of shopping delights, this charming destination invites all to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Plan your visit today and uncover the magic that awaits at Oak Hill Farms.

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NOTE: Carla Bushey of Oakhill Farm was recently one of the guest panelists at our annual breakfast fundraiser.