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Grace Rowe – Wellness Consultant

Peter Rowe and Grace RoweGrace Rowe

Grace and her husband, Peter, have been members of the Woman’s Club of Red Bank for years and has recruited local business women to join the Woman’s Club who share an interest in alternatives to traditional medicine and healthy living.

Grace is also a member of the Red Bank Networking Group that meets at the Woman’s Club weekly.

Wellness Consultant

As a wellness consultant Grace shares a bio-tech product native to the body that improves health, performance and vitality.

Interested in improving your health at the cellular level? Ask Grace about ASEA, Redox signaling molecules, and how Asea and redox signaling molecules can help your body discover its own best defense.

Interested in optimizing your athletic performance? Again, ASEA as a supplement for your cells has improved athletic performance by helping cells repair and allow the body to heal itself. Contact Grace about this fascinating technology!

Interested in helping others to improved physical and financial health? Ask Grace how you can grow a part-time or full-time global business, sharing the gift of improved health and performance with many others.


Ellen Davis

Ellen DavisEllen Davis

Ellen Davis has been an EXTREMELY active member of the Woman’s Club of Red Bank.

Ellen is currently the Treasurer of the Womans Club of Red Bank and is involved with most committees.

Some of the committees you’re sure to see her at are; the house committee, the maintenance committee, the capital campaign committee and the building preservation committee.

She also writes grant applications to apply for money for the historic building preservation of the club house.

More about Ellen

Ellen works at a non-profit organization in Red Bank, HABcore. HABcore Inc. provides housing and supportive services for Monmouth County residents who are low income persons, homeless, disabled or unable to care for themselves. HABcore helps disenfranchised people develop lives of dignity and meaning.