Reckless Pen & Palette at the Woman’s Club

Reckless Pen and Palette

Introducing the Reckless Pen & Palette at the Woman’s Club of Red Bank

Welcome to the Reckless Pen & Palette, the vibrant showcase of art and literature at the Woman’s Club of Red Bank. Curated by our dedicated Art Committee, led by chair Peggy Masse, this exhibit features an inspiring collection of works from talented local artists and writers.

As you explore the house, you’ll find a diverse array of art on display, created by artists from our very own community. Each room highlights unique pieces that range from stunning paintings and intricate drawings to captivating mixed-media works. These artworks not only reflect the creativity and skill of their creators but also capture the essence and spirit of our local culture.

The Reckless Pen & Palette is more than just an art exhibit; it is a celebration of the rich artistic talent that thrives within our community. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for inspiration, we invite you to immerse yourself in this beautiful display of creativity and expression.

Why “Reckless”? Our clubhouse was built by Senator Anthony Reckless a leader in the Red Bank community. Read more about our history.

Join us in supporting our local artists and writers. Come explore, appreciate, and be inspired by the Reckless Pen & Palette.

LIVE: Attend one of our events to see what is on display. Check our calendar.

Reckless pen and palette - art on display at the womans club of red ban

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