Sherri Pie Band Shines at Reckless Steamy Nights Concert

sherri pie band

The Sherri Pie Band Delivers an Unforgettable Night at Reckless Steamy Nights

The Woman’s Club of Red Bank recently hosted an electrifying edition of Reckless Steamy Nights, featuring the talented Sherri Pie band. This event, proudly presented by our community partner, the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation, was originally slated to be a family affair. However, a delightful change in plans led to an unforgettable night of music.

Initially, Sherri Erlich, her husband and musical partner, Charlie Clark, and her son, Oliver Kostrinsky, were set to headline the May concert. Oliver, deeply immersed in the blues scene of Clarksdale, Mississippi, opted to stay for more bookings, prompting Sherri to bring in guitarist David O’Rourke and drummer Diego Lopez. This shift also allowed Charlie to showcase his prolific songwriting, spanning over three decades.

The Sherri Pie band’s seamless performance, despite David and Diego’s first live outing with the originals, was a testament to their talent and professionalism. This Reckless Steamy Nights concert was truly a night to remember!