June Reckless Pen & Palette Art on Display

Jamie Hanley

The Creative Collaboration of Jamie Hanley and Kelly Rose Burgess

We’re thrilled to announce the creative collaboration of Jamie Hanley, a multi-talented therapist, author and podcaster, and Kelly Rose Burgess, a gifted illustrator will be on display this June for our Reckless Pen & Palette. Together, they bring stories to life with words and art that resonate deeply.

Jamie Hanley

  • Therapist & Author:: Dive into Jamie’s insightful book, deck, and podcasts, where she explores themes of mental health, holistic healing, and personal growth.
  • Psychotherapy & Holistic Healing: With a background in psychotherapy, Jamie provides a unique perspective on healing and wellness.
  • The Anxious Goddess Apothecary: As the owner of The Anxious Goddess Apothecary, Jamie blends her expertise in holistic healing with her passion for helping others achieve peace and balance.

Kelly Rose Burgess

  • Illustrator Extraordinaire: Kelly’s beautiful illustrations engage readers to creatively explore their mental health, adding a visual layer of depth and emotion to this collaborative project.

Follow Jamie and Kelly for a journey through healing, creativity, and inspiration on instagram @jamiehanley_ and @bananalovemuffin

Learn more and order “It’s Just a Phase: The Anxious Goddess Tools For Making Mental Health Magic”. The Anxious Goddess Apothecary SHOP (www.JamieHanley.com)

Stop into the Woman’s Club to view their latest works and collaborations on display!

About Reckless Pen & Palette

The Reckless Pen & Palette is the vibrant showcase of art and literature at the Woman’s Club of Red Bank. Curated by our dedicated Art Committee, led by chair Peggy Masse, the exhibits feature an inspiring collection of works from talented local artists and writers within our community.