Calling All Monmouth County Citizen Historians!

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Help MCHA document your thoughts and experiences during this historic pandemic.

Every day becomes history, though some days are more memorable than others. We are living through a historic event that people will be studying a century from now. For this reason, MCHA would like to ask YOU to help us document your thoughts and experiences during this time through an online Google form, which will then be archived under the digital collection.

“Remembering COVID-19.”

Answer whichever questions you choose. At the end of the form there is a place to upload images that depict the effects this event is having on your community, such as empty store shelves, long lines, or even the creative ways in which your family is adapting at home to the new social distancing guidelines! With your permission, we will periodically share select answers and images to keep us all connected during this difficult time. Access the adult form here:

We want kids to participate, too! There is a special form for kids which includes activities to keep them busy, such as offering thoughts, advice, and creating artwork! Access the children’s form here:

*If you don’t have a Gmail account, photos must be emailed separately to Please include your full name and town in the email, and whether or not we have permission to share the images.