Ongoing Period Supply Drive

Period Supply Drive

At the Woman’s Club of Red Bank, we recently had the privilege of connecting with Lily, a passionate and inspiring junior in high school, who is driving positive change through her Period Supply Drive and the broader Menstrual Empowerment Project. Lily’s dedication to addressing menstrual hygiene challenges is not only commendable but also a source of inspiration for our community.

This past Tuesday at our monthly member meeting, the kindness and generosity of our members shone through as they wholeheartedly contributed to Lily’s cause. The clubhouse was abuzz with camaraderie and a shared commitment to supporting the Menstrual Empowerment Project. Lily’s initiative resonated deeply with our members, and they enthusiastically brought in feminine hygiene supplies to contribute to this important cause.

The menstrual empowerment movement is one that demands attention and action, and Lily’s leadership has brought it to the forefront of our community’s consciousness. Her dedication to destigmatizing periods and ensuring access to essential hygiene products aligns with the values we hold dear at the Woman’s Club of Red Bank. It was heartening to witness our members rallying behind Lily’s cause, reflecting the strength and compassion that define our community.

To continue our support, we are thrilled to announce that our clubhouse will host a donation box for ongoing contributions to the Menstrual Empowerment Project. We encourage our members and the broader community to drop off feminine hygiene supplies at our clubhouse, contributing to the continued success of this vital initiative.

Lily’s Menstrual Empowerment Project is not just about providing physical supplies; it’s about breaking down barriers, fostering open conversations, and empowering individuals to embrace their natural experiences. We extend our deepest gratitude to Lily for bringing this initiative to our attention and for igniting a spark of change within our community. Together, we can make a lasting impact and promote menstrual empowerment for all.

To learn more about Lily’s project, visit her Instagram page: